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Recently married, planning a long bicycle trip from France to South Korea, and currently working as an engineer optimizing various IP-based services over 2G/3G networks (TCP, web, streaming, etc...) Having fun with smartphones, servers, voip, wireless, etc...

RAM on Thinkpad X220

Memtester running on Linux is a more throughout RAM tester than the usual memtest.

Info on the max RAM speed:

Apparently, only older/modded/coreboot BIOSes let you use 1866MHz ram that helps quite dramatically with the GPU performance.

Simili dual-channel works if you use 2GB+4GB sticks for instance. Bringing the speed benefits on 2GB of RAM (benefits the GPU as well).

Article clair sur le reverse SSH

Memo pour me faire une machine de sauvegarde avec mon dockstar vers laquelle je puisse faire mes rsync, oĂą qu’elle soit connectĂ©e (mĂŞme derrière le NAT d’une nouvelle Box non configurĂ©e ou un accès 3G/4G).

Pour compléter un rappel pour génération de clés RSA:

Lancer un script au démarrage dans Archlinux:

Faire une sorte de watchdog avec cron et un script de vérification du PID:

SHE Super Hybrid Engine on Linux without Jupiter

I’m using an Asus eeePc 901 with Xubuntu 12.04.Jupiter is installed on it for a convenient way to manage the SHE. The SHE enables control over the FSB, it is very efficient to further reduce the battery usage, and is independent of the cpufreq governors.
I will soon upgrade to the 14.04 version of Xubuntu, so I looked into the replacements. Everybody talks about TLP but this doesn’t manage the SHE of the eeePCs.

The mode can be changed by setting 0, 1 or 2 in the following file: /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/cpufv
0 : max perf – overclock FSB
1 : on demand – standard FSB
2 : power save – downlclock FSB

Source I used to find out:

You need the eeepc_laptop module loaded for this cpufv option to be available.